• Hello, good evening and welcome.

    I'm a freelance copywriter and journalist. Contact me if I can do anything for you. Unless it involves heights. In which case i'm unlikely to be interested.
  • tweets!

    • Just got kerb-crawled. Unsure whether to be offended, flattered or never wear this shirt again. 1 day ago
    • Northern Line at Morden announced repeatedly as going to High Barnet via The Bank today. Excellent. Cheques to pay in. 1 week ago
    • Opprobrium? Really? Is @thetimes trying to test out how many words readers know. Harsh criticism would have fitted... 1 week ago
    • April Fools is all well and good, but most of the actual news is so ridiculous it's very hard to tell the difference. 2 weeks ago
    • I'm sure he'll sleep easier tonight with no commission from a sale, but one less girl walking around London with a masculine watch on. 3 weeks ago

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